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Golden Latte Co. Turmeric Spice Blend

Jump on board this new cafe trend and treat your customers with this high quality spice blend from Golden Latte Co.  Perfect for the non-caffeine drinkers and post-3pm cafe crowd who don't want to be up all night.

Created by an Australian Nutritionist this turmeric spice blend contains Alleppey turmeric which as 4-5% curcumin, the active ingredient that has many scientifically proven health benefits such as: anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, aids detox, gut health, brain booster, healthy heart, immunity, blood sugar balancer and healthier skin!!

*  Caffeine Free  *  Paleo  *  Vegan
*  Gluten Free  *  Nut Free
*  No Added Sugar  *  No Additives

Pack size 75gm.  30 Serves per pack.


Cappuccine Red Velvet Frappe

Add something different to your menu.  Red velvet frappe mix can be used in hot or cold beverages.  Blend with cold milk or water and ice.  Add in some chocolate powder or syrup.  For a new hot drink mix with chocolate powder and some steamed milk, dust with shaved or powdered chocolate. Red Velvet has a  luscious red color and is a sweet temptation in a cup.

Carton of 6 x 1kg or available in 1kg bags.


The Original Cocoa Traders - Koko Deluxe 33%

Koko Deluxe is a pure natural indulgence. With its rich, true chocolate taste and all natural ingredients, no fillers, starch, added flavours, colours or preservatives.
There is nothing to hide or enhance the flavour of this premium hot chocolate. Ingredients are only 33% Cocoa and Australian grown sugar!  Pure and simple, GMO Free, Wheat Free, and Vegan Friendly.

40% Cocoa Koko Deluxe also available on request.

Available in 1kg bags or carton of 6 x 1kg

Watch out for the Mofo Deluxe Black Label drinking chocolate this winter.  It contains premium Ghanan cocoa sweetened with a certified organic, minimally processed coconut blossom sugar.  This sugar adds a delicious rich toffee-like flavour, has a high mineral count and lower GI than sugar.


The Art of Blend - White Chocolate Powder

Use this creamy white chocolate powder to create delicious hot or cold drinks for your customers. Great as a frosty frappe or as a hot chocolate with melting marshmallows.

Available in 1kg bags.


La Bella Chocolate Powder 1kg

Ideal for making hot chocolates, mocha and as cappuccino dusting. Contains 20% Cocoa.

Available in 1 kg bags.


Arkadia Chai Tea Spice

Arkadia Chai Tea is most often enjoyed as a delicious chai latte. The traditional way is to enjoy the wonderful aromatic taste of a chai tea by just adding hot water or hot milk, stir and enjoy.  Delicious made on soy milk and honey with a sprinkle of cinnamon powder on top.
Available in 1kg bags.


Bondi Chai

Australia's own gold medal chai latte.  A traditional tea based latte beverage, rich and smooth in its taste profile with subtle exotic flavour tones to create a truly distinctive flavour. Bondi Chai is gluten-free, 98% fat free, low in caffeine and has no trans-fats.  Designed specifically to dissolve well in milk.

Available in Club Cinnamon and Vanilla Honey flavours.

Available in 1kg, 200gm and individual sachets.


Torani Flavoured Syrups

Torani syrups are ideal for hot and cold beverages including coffee, cocktails and smoothies.
Made only from cane sugar, natural flavours and cold filtered water.  They have no artificial preservatives or colours and are allergen free.  They have a 3 year shelf life and come in 750ml glass bottles.  Pumps available.  Choose from a huge range of flavours.
The following are available for immediate delivery:
Irish Cream


Dr Smoothie Premium Fruit Concentrates

Just add syrup, ice and water into blender for a delicious frozen fruit slushy drink!

- Made from natural ingredients and real fruit
- 100% Preservative Free
- Lactose Free
- Gluten Free
- 100% Fat Free
- Shelf Stable (up to 12 months unopened, and up to 4 weeks opened and refrigerated)
- Potential to create other drinks by blending syrups and adding other ingredients like Spirulina, Acai, Coconut Water, Whey protein etc.
- Each bottle produces approx 9 x 16oz (485ml) serves

We stock:

Dr Smoothie The Banana Smoothie
Dr Smoothie Pineapple Paradise
Dr Smoothie Four Berry Blend
Dr Smoothie Strawberry
Dr Smoothie Mango Tropics
Dr Smoothie Peach Pear Apricot
AND NOW ...... NEW Dr Smoothie Lemon-ade!

Other flavours available on request


Da Vinci Frappease

Frappease is a smooth and creamy Frappe base specially designed to work with flavoured syrups enabling the user to create beverage menus with limitless flavour and style combinations from the one package. This product is a market leader in this category, the sweetness and flavour has been reduced so that the user can add the flavoured ingredients (espresso, chocolate, Torani syrups etc) to suit the consumers taste, removing the need to carry multiple flavoured frappe bases. This product comes in 1.5kg bags with portion scoop.


Sugar Sticks & Coffee Stirrers

Sugar Sachets (2000 / ctn) (white / raw)
Extra Long Coffee Stirrers - Wooden (1000/bag)


Hoppe Biscuits

The Hoppe biscuit is one of Europe's  best known coffee complimentary product.

These are by far the most delicious-tasting caramelised biscuits. And they are individually wrapped which is perfect in salons, offices and motels.

Available in cartons of 300


Green Plastic Drinking Straws

Green plastic spoon straws are made in Queensland.

Available in packs of 250 or carton of 2500


Paper Straws

Our Traditional Paper Straws are back in fashion because of their vibrant colours and prints, and are an Environmentally Friendly option over traditional plastic straws.

- Made from a 3 ply premium food grade kraft paper, our straws hold their shape when submersed, over some other straws which are only 2 ply or less.
- Biodegradable and compostable these straws are a great choice for our environment over a plastic straw and not only look great, but are a practical choice for the ecofriendly and health conscious venues.
- Our straws come with all relevant test data for dye levels and heavy metals.
- General uses - Eco-friendly venues, healthy eating cafes, restaurants, zoo's and all food services.

Available in carton of 2500 or bags of 250 in a variety of colours.


Cafe Wipz - Cafe cleaning wipes

Coffee Equipment Cleaning Wipes are pre-moistened, fragrance free wipes that are specially formulated with cationic detergents to safely clean and remove milk and coffee residue from all your cafe equipment (including but not limited to steam wands, countertops, and grinder hoppers). The soft and durable wipes are packed in flexible film with a resealable flip-top to maintain freshness and avoid the nuisance of tubs. There are 100 wipes in each package.  Available individually or carton of 12.


Group Head Cleaning Brush


Pallo Coffee Tool/Brush

The premium cleaning brush provides a scald-free way to clean your espresso machine's group heads. A better and smarter way to keep your coffee machine clean. Featuring replaceable bristle head, steam wand needle, ergonomic handle and scoop for right dosage of cleaning product.


Knock Boxes

Bench Knock Out Tube (commercial)


Floor Standing Knock Out Tube

Floor Standing Knock Out Tube (commercial)


Professional Tamper 58mm

Stainless Steel
(red / black / lime green / blue / silver / yellow / orange)


Coffee Tamp Mat


Chocolate Shaker.

Stainless steel cocoa shaker with fine sifter. The perfect companion for any cappuccino


Milk Jugs

Stainless Steel Milk Jug for frothing milk. Ergonomic handle. Available in 400ml, 600ml, 1l, 1.5l



Stainless steel professional thermometer to make sure your milk is the perfect temperature every time.
Available in small & large, both.


Blind Filter

An Essential component for back-flushing group heads


Grinder Brush


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